What others are saying about Us • Lo que otros dicen sobre nosotros

5 thoughts on “What others are saying about Us • Lo que otros dicen sobre nosotros

  1. Silvia was my twin boys nanny. My husband is in the military and he was gone all the time and Silvia helped me a lot! She has twins also and she taught me how to take care of twins.
    We moved to a Virginia now, but I would love to leave my children at Silvia’s daycare if I was still living in Chula Vista.

  2. Silvia is fantastic!! she is my go to babysitter and my 3 year old daughter adores her. Silvia is very interactive and caring, speaks to my child like an adult (I’m not a fan of baby talk) and in Spanish. Silvia ensures her safety and well being while in her care. From the first day my daughter met Silvia she’s felt very comfortable with her, something that is not common at all. The best part about having Silvia as our sitter is the trust we feel in her. I feel at ease leaving my child, dogs and house in her care. I highly recommend her.

  3. Silvia is AMAZING! She was the Nanny for our daughter for a little over a year (from 6 to 19 months); then, unfortunately we had to move to DC. We are a Navy family, and Silvia was an absolute lifesaver during the 7 months my husband was deployed!
    We knew right away during our interview with Silvia that she would be perfect for our family. She is a caring, compassionate, patient and loving Nanny! Our daughter loved Silvia (and we did too!). Her work ethic and moral values are outstanding. Her calm demeanor and willingness to help were incredible. She taught our daughter SO much! Her experiences with her own three children proved invaluable when caring for our daughter. We really cannot say enough wonderful things about Silvia!!

  4. Silivia has been taking care of our 1-year old daughter for most of her life now and does a fantastic job. We appreciate that she always keeps us apprised of everything that happens with our daughter throughout the day, both good (e.g. milestones) and bad (e.g. if she’s refusing to eat). She is so thoughtful and always remembers special occasions for our family. For example, she sent us Mother’s & Father’s Day cards and flowers for our anniversary. She is so kind to Gia and treats her as her own. Even her kids treat our daughter like she is their little sister. That is so important to us because we have no family out here. We have decided to move to Ohio to be closer to family. While we are excited about Gia growing up with her extended family, we are so sad because we can’t imagine finding anyone as good as Silvia. We know that Gia will miss her and her family very much :(.

  5. Silvia has been taking care of our 2-year-old son for over a year and we could not imagine getting the same care for him anywhere else. He gets interaction with a tight group of his peers (who all somehow behave like perfect ladies and gentlemen when they step through her door), as well as guided play and projects with Silvia and her own wonderful family. Having been through other care providers before coming to her, there is no comparison with how well her educational curriculum is implemented. Dax almost always has a new finished art or craft when being picked up, and Silvia always has feedback on his process with each project. She is incredibly talented as an educator, and it makes us look like amazing parents when Dax impresses folks with something he learned at Keen Kiddos :).

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