Policies and Procedures

These are SOME of our current policies that we want you to know.

Children will not be enrolled unless an immunization record is presented and immunizations are up-to-date. If a child is not vaccinated due to religious, personal or medical reasons, please notify us.


  • Please notify before the scheduled time, or in the case, that Child will show up late.

 Accepted Payment Methods

  • Credit or Debit card
  • Venmo
  • Cash
  • Checks: No postdated checks accepted. For any bounced check, a $ 25.00 dollars is additionally charged and no more checks are accepted as a payment method.


For Child’s safety, don’t send him or her with accessories of any kind (e.g. watches, necklaces, bracelets, etc.).

  • Parent must give us an extra set of clothes for Child so that Provider uses it as necessary.
  • If Parent wants Provider’s support during the potty training phase, they must first discuss whether Child is ready or not, and the procedure they will each follow at home and at daycare respectively.
  • All children must take a nap early in the afternoon on a daily basis. With this purpose, the daycare will offer a proper place for napping.
  • Parent will give enough of their preferred baby formula and baby food to cover the child’s need while under Provider’s care.
  • Parent is responsible for providing enough diapers and wet paper towels(wipes)of their preference to cover Child’s weekly needs.


  • The parent receives the Policy of Exclusion due to illness according to with YMCA Childcare Resource Service guidelines.

Applying Medication

  • A signed “Consent to Apply Medication Form” is required in any case that Provider is asked to give medication to Child while under her care. A separate form must be submitted for each medication.

Medical conditions/Allergies

  • Parent will be given an “Allergy and Medical Condition Form” which they will have to fill and send it before Child is admitted to daycare.


  • The provider may terminate a Child’s registration to daycare at will.
  • Parent, please notify written or verbal two weeks before removing a child from the program.

Provider reserves the right to change and/or amend this policies and rules

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