Part-Time, Outdoor-Based

Spanish Immersion

Spanish outdoor learning through the four seasons.

Lic. #376625535

We offer:
  • A daily ratio of 4:1
  • A schedule from 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM.
  • Non-increasing tuition rate!
  • No payment requirement for sick days.
  • No payment requirement for scheduled holidays.
  • No payment requirement for closures.
  • No payment for one vacation week per year according to your service selected, for extended periods the rate is 75% off  the regular payment for reserve your spot.
  • If required, optional Holiday services will be offered.
  • “Early arrival” and “late pick-up” services are offered.
  • 2 days a week: Tuesday and Thursday
  • 3 days a week: Monday,Wednesday and Friday
  • Full week: Monday thru Friday
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FAQ: Raising Bilingual Children